Recruitment 101

Recruitment 101

Each year, Red Oak High School athletes are recruited to play collegiate sports and earn thousands of dollars in scholarships. The Red Oak Hawks Coaching Staff has years of experience in promoting students for recruitment, visiting with college recruiters and preparing students and families for proper eligibility.

College Football Opportunities Options

FBS (Football Bowl Series) or the old Division 1

  • 120 Colleges (Alabama, Texas, Baylor, Texas State, Louisiana Tech, etc.)
  • 85 full-ride scholarships per team
  • FBS programs usually give out around 20-25 scholarships per year

FCS (Football Championship Series) or the old 1-AA

  • 125 Colleges (Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Austin, Abilene Christian, Central Arkansas, etc.)
  • 63 full-ride scholarships per team
  • FCS programs usually give out around 15-20 scholarships per year

NCAA Division 2

  • 156 Colleges (Arkansas Tech, Tarleton, Midwestern State, Southeastern Oklahoma, etc.)
  • Up to 36 scholarships per team (scholarships are partials) some conferences limit that number
  • Division 2 can give as many partials as they want as long as they add up to the total (36)
  • The scholarship are offered in a dollar amount

NCAA Division 3

  • 239 Colleges (East Texas Baptist, Mary Hardin-Baylor, Mount Union, Linfield, etc.)
  • No scholarships


  • 92 Schools (Grand View, Langston, Bellhaven, Cumberlands, etc.)
  • 24 partial scholarships

NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)

  • 68 Schools (Navarro, Tyler, Kilgore, Trinity Valley, Butler, East Mississippi etc.)
  • Wide range of scholarship opportunities. Some offer athletic scholarships, while others do not.

Eligibility Information

  • Pass all of your core courses and work on keeping a high GPA (grade point average). College entrance requirements are different at each school, but all operate on a sliding scale that combines your GPA and your SAT/ACT score.
  • Sign up for the SAT/ACT on time. Remember, you canĂ­t take the test unless you take the time to sign up. Your junior year is the best time to start.
  • Take your SAT/ACT more than once. There are many different ways to study. If you need some ideas, ask your counselor or coach.

Helpful Links

Who to talk to?

  • Visit with a coach or the high school counselor about collegiate athletics and scholarships